About Us

We are an e commerce bakery dedicated to providing delicious and beautiful wheat free, gluten free, dairy free treats.   We made the choice to serve the community as an e commerce bakery rather than the traditional storefront.  We wanted to be able keep our cost down and pass the savings on to our customers.  By doing this we able to offer only the freshest baked goods that are never made until you order them.  We would like nothing more than to be able to serve you for as long as you need us. We hope you'll give us a try and see for yourself that we are just as good, if not better than the competition.  While our baked goods may be new to the community we have been practicing our skills for quite some time, carefully testing and perfecting each recipe.  We believe in using only the finest wholesome ingredients and use mostly organic products whenever possible. We want you to enjoy our tasty treats, so we have specially created a some of our products so that they can be ordered vegan, sugar free, corn free and soy free. You can feel free to share with us your special dietary needs and we'll try our best to accomodate you. We offer free local delivery within Santa Clarita Valley. Our mini double chocolate, vegan vanilla rosette cakes and dairy free macarons are currently being sold at all four Coffee Kiosk locations in Santa Clarita. Olive Terrace Grill and Restaurant carries a larger verson of our double chocolate mini cakes and dairy free macarons. We are looking to add more dedicated locations that want to offer gluten free, dairy free treats to the community. If you have a favorite restaurant that you would like to see carry our delicious treats, please let us know and we will try to add them as one of our upcoming locations. As always, we thank you for choosing Madison Rose Bakery.

*Although we take the greatest care to sanitize before and after we bake, we can not guarantee there is no cross contamination of items that we make special accomodations for. Mainly corn and soy.

We ask that you take this into consideration before placing an order.

Sweet Thoughts,

Kerry and the Madison Rose Bakery Team.

"The best feeling of happines is when your happy because you've made somebody else happy."
We would love to help you bring a litte bit of happiness to someone today. 

Our Story

I never thought that living a Gluten Free lifestyle would be something that my family and I would ever have to embrace. With the birth of my fifth child however, we were thrown into the world of not only living gluten free, but soy free, dairy free, wheat free and just about any other free you could think of.  My sweet little baby boy was even allergic to garlic.  Who would have thought that the pain and symptoms my other little ones had been displaying all their lives was due to food allergies as well. I guess you could say my little babies illnes was a blessing in disguise.  As I think back,  it scares me to think about the complications they could have developed and how much worse things could have been if we had not figured out what was wrong. To make a long story short, my heart ached to watch my children deprived of the treats and goodies they once enjoyed. I began to think about all the other little kids out there who may have been dealing with the same situation.  It became my mission to see to it that just because they had to live gluten free, didn't mean living without the very treats they once enjoyed. Today it makes me so happy when to watch their faces light up as they take a bite of one of my yummy cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, you name it.  Now they can enjoy many wonderful treats with their friends and not feel left out.

 I absolutely love baking and I can't wait to share that love and happiness with you and your little ones or friends and family who live Gluten Free. 


We don't think anyone should have to go without their favorite sweet treats because they suffer from Celiac Disease or any type of food intolerance. You definately shouldn't have to tolerate tastless or grainy baked goods.  

That's where we come in. Baking up each batch of wholesome goodness with you in mind.

You might not believe it's gluten free, but your tummy sure will!